Deploying One to One Computing Learning Framework

Cypriot students face the complexity and diversity of a world that needs flexible, creative and innovative minds. As “Excellence” is the standard for global professional competitiveness, new ways of designing and delivering curricula are required.

How can Cyprus continue to compete and survive in a global economy if the entering workforce is made up of high school graduates who lack the new skills they need, and of university graduates who are mostly “adequate” rather than “excellent”?

Cypriot schools need to re-imagine learning, and offer students authentic interesting and relevant experiences required by the 21st century workplaces. This workshop will be a valuable guide for schools as they envision, plan, implement, evaluate and expand 21st century learning practices. It will enable school leaders to depart from the factory-model education of the past and abandon textbook-driven, teacher-centered, paper and pencil schooling.

This seminar will give you valuable insight information about the Microsoft Certified Educator Certification and how you can succeed in getting it!