Post Program Activities

Each participating company will be offered an on-site presentation of a shortened version of the programme, tailored to the specific needs of the firm. The duration of the presentation will be 6 hours.

The discussion will focus on:

Devising a school comprehensive 5 Phases school strategy and action plan on how to enable all these transformations to take place for each particular school.
The new 21st century skills movement and the usage of new web enable teaching tools and recourses.
Practical ways of implementing technological tools and multidisciplinary learning environments to teach towards academic excellence.
Practical ways of re-define of the role of the teacher who needs to be enabled to cultivate student’s minds to be flexible, creative, critical and innovative.
Demonstrate how the new comprehensive approaches in context–based learning, inquiry-based techniques and student centric practices can inspire students in becoming creators and owners of knowledge and skills.
Present the enormous impact these transformations will impose on primary and secondary schools, teachers, students and parents.